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Heath Mello and 11 Candidates from All Seven City Council Districts coming to OTOC May 1 Accountability Session

April 8th, 2017

Mayoral Candidate Heath Mello and 11 of the 13 candidates for Omaha City Council will attend the OTOC City Candidate Accountability Session on Monday, May 1 at 7 pm at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church (102nd and Blondo).  Mayor Jean Stothert declined to attend this non-partisan, issue oriented session.

The only City Council candidates not attending will be Vinny Palermo (Dist 4) who has as OPS School Board meeting on May 1 and college student Grant Sturek (Dist 1).

OTOC will  Ask Candidates to support our positions on:

  • Safe Rental Housing

  • Yard Waste Recycling

  • Regulating Pay Day Lending

  • Omaha Police Policy toward Immigrants & Refugees

For Immediate Release on April 27

April 14 Pre-Meeting Draft Questions for Candidates

Flyer for May 1 2017 Candidate Accountability Session-H 1”

4 Quarter Page Flyers for May 1

Sign up sheet for May 1

  Candidates for Mayor

Heath Mello—Attending          Jean Stothert—Declined to Attend

 City Council Candidates

(All candidates were invited)

Dist. 1—Pete Festersen, attending

Dist. 2—Ben Gray & Dennis Womak, attending

Dist. 3—Chris Jerram & D’Shawn Cunningham, attending

Dist. 4--Jim Rogers, attending

Dist. 5--Rich Pahls, attending

Dist. 6—Brinker Harding & Dwite Pedersen, attending

Dist. 7—Aimee Melton & Brian Thommes, attending



  • Assuring that Rental Housing is safe and habitable
  • Environmental Sustainability including
    • improving our recycling of yard waste
    • creating a financing mechanism so homeowners  can invest in improving the sustainability of their homes
  • Regulating Pay Day Lending including limiting the predatory  fees that they can charge in Omaha
  • Assuring that Omaha Police don’t become agents of federal immigration enforcement and use community policing with immigrant communities.

Richard Blocker Right

OTOC is  organizing to encourage the Unicameral or Omaha City Council to require Pay Day Lenders charge reasonable fees


OTOC leaders at Urban Abbey in February learned about new Executive Orders that could sweep many more people into deportation

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