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June Issue Cafes at Urban Abbey

May 30th, 2018

A few months a year, the Urban Abbey, a coffe shop/bookstore/Methodist Congregation partners with OTOC as community partners. As community partners in June, OTOC receives 10% of the coffee bar sales in the month (drink up in June!) as well as hosts learning opportunities at the Abbey. This June will be OTOC’s second Urban Abbey month of the year, and some OTOC action teams are hosting four great Issue Cafes to learn more about some issues they are working on. Please join us at any and all of these events, and learn about issues affecting Omaha families.

Events are located at Urban Abbey, 1026 Jackson Street

-June 19: A Merciful Alternative to Payday Lending. 6:45-8 pm
The OTOC Payday Lending Action Team will sponsor a presentation by Jerry Byers of Community Debt Solutions about an experimental, non-profit alternative to payday lenders that would offer short-term, small-principal loans to borrowers with limited access to credit.

– June 28: What is the Ban the Bag Campaign? 6:45-8 pm
Join environmental sustainability leaders to hear from Omaha City Council members Ben Gray and Pete Festersen about the Ban the Bag ordinance being introducing that would ban plastic grocery bags in the city of Omaha.

How we can change the Narrative for Substandard Rental Housing on June 5


June 13th Issue Cafe at Urban Abbey was a successful discussion surrounding Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska. Medicaid Expansion Action Team co-chair Mark Hoeger gave an excellent presentation on why Nebraskans should be advocates for extending Medicaid Expansion on the ballot in November. The ballot initiative movement in Nebraska is strong, and this meeting inspired more individuals to sign and start gathering signatures themselves. Although the movement is strong, we need every signature we can get! If you are interested in hosting an event at your parish please contact Mary Spurgeon at (402) 292-1157 or and to get a walk list for your neighborhood contact Paul Romero at or (402) 881-2591. To learn more and view more resources go to


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