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OTOC first summer training session is engaging and effective

June 25th, 2014

Rev Johnson leads July 14 2014 training session

Rev. Marshall Johnson, led an engaging and humorous training session on Monday, July 14th about how and why OTOC seeks to build a broad based of member organizations that have power to act together on issues of common concern. Nearly forty people from congregations, refugee groups, environmental coalitions attended the lively meeting.

This was the first of three training sessions for all those interested in learning how congregations and community leaders can develop relationships that have the power to create change.    Leadership development and organizing skills promote creative problem solving and collaboration – skills useful in the workplace and in congregational committees as well as any type of organizing.

You are invited to attend the upcoming sessions!   The following link contains a downloadable flyer with the details of each session, locations and times which you can copy and distribute to those who might be interested.Read More . . .

OPPD Decision on Energy closely tracks OTOC’s statement of position

June 19th, 2014

Leaders after Board MeetingTo see a copy of the OPPD 20 year generation plan adopted by the Board, click below:

Final OPPD Generation Plan June 2014

OTOC leaders celebrated the decision made by the Omaha Public Power District Board (OPPD) at their June 19th meeting to stop burning coal in North Omaha and commit the region’s energy future to increasing sustainable energy sources  and increasing efficiency and conservation in order to reduce overall demand.  

OTOC leaders were not satisfied with any of the 5 generation options that were presented to the OPPD Board in May. The World Herald wrote on June 9, ”

Laurie Gift, chairwoman of an environment-focused committee for Omaha Together One Community, doesn’t like that each scenario shows the proportion of renewable energy shrinking from one-third in 2018 to about one-fifth by 2033.Read More . . .

Download and circulate OTOC endorsement for more Sustainable Energy

June 12th, 2014

Leaders of OTOC’s Environmental Sustainability Action Team ASK that you download the pdf file below of our Statement to the OPPD Board and ask for people to sign it to express their support for the long term sustainability of our environment, economy and families.


You can also invite family and friends to sign the online version of this statement by copying and sending out this link in an e-mail:


June 9 OWH article: OTOC wants OPPD commitment to renewable energy

June 9th, 2014

June 9 article by the Omaha World Herald quoting Action Team Co-Chair Laurie Gift:

Omaha Public Power District begins to map plan for powering next 20 years

By Cody Winchester / World-Herald staff writer, June 9, 2014

The Omaha Public Power District is nearing some multimillion-dollar decisions that will alter how it produces power. The district estimates that over the next 20 years it will spend from $8.9 billion to $9.5 billion to generate power, including hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with new federal clean-air rules — including proposed limits on carbon dioxide emissions — and to satisfy customer demand for clean power and energy-efficiency programs.

OPPD has released five scenarios for achieving these goals through a mix of retrofitting coal plants with new emissions controls; refueling them with natural gas; retiring coal-fired units and opening a new gas plant; developing solar resources; and reducing demand through energy-efficiency programs.Read More . . .

Learn how to teach about Wellness in Nebraska and OPPD Energy mix on June 14

June 9th, 2014

Come to an informative training this Saturday, June 14th from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at Augustana Lutheran Church (3647 Lafayette Ave–2 blocks north of Cuming)

Primary Trainer on WIN: Mark Intermill, Executive Director, AARP-Nebraska
AARP-Nebraska is a lead organization on this issue and Mark is one of the most informed people in the State.  Half of the AARP’s members are between 50-65. They are finding it very hard to find full-time work with benefits. Mark has made scores of similar presentations and will be bringing us professional material to use in any presentation we might make at our congregations and organizations.
Here is a sample of Mark at work:
and for more go to
We will be targeting our presentations to OTOC member and affiliate organizations but once you are trained you can  reach out to anyone willing to listen.
Environmental Sustainability
We will also have representatives of the OTOC Environmental Action team with us and they will share information about the critical decisions OPPD will be making in the next few months about how they generate electricity. See the June 9 World Herald article  “Omaha Public Power District begins to map plan for powering next 20 years”  for more information about this critical decision and  the focus of OTOC’s work on this issue:
How you can use this training 
You can choose to participate in one or both of the training sessions  on Saturday, June 14th and you can choose to organize either or both of these sessions for your congregation or organization.
Once we have the trainers in place for both WIN & Environment we will see who has natural relationships with our member and other community organizations and begin scheduling training sessions this Summer and Fall.  Please contact thet OTOC office or  Mark Hoeger at mhoeger@aol.com for any questions you might have.


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