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OTOC News from August 2014

  • OPPD Candidates hold lively conversation with 85 OTOC leaders

    Over 85 people attended an OTOC “Conversation with OPPD Candidates” on Monday, September 8 at St. Pius X Parish Hall. Leaders of the new OTOC Environmental Sustainability Action team organized the meeting with candidates which attracted a group of leaders from diverse congregations across the metropolitan Omaha area. Candidates Tim Gay and Krystle Craig from District […]

  • Issue Cafe at Urban Abbey draw 160+ community leaders

    Over 160 people attended  five “Issue Cafe” discussions about Housing, Economic issues, Immigration, Mental Health & Environment For a downloadable list of these issue meetings, click here: OTOC Issues Cafe Schedule OTOC was Urban Abbey’s community partner in September!!  UA will contribute 10% of  everything purchased at the coffee counter and 100% of every bag […]

  • OTOC leaders testify in support of $1.1 Million for demolition & Land Bank

    Housing Action Teams Chairs Gloria Austerberry and Karen McElroy and member Ian Fallon testified at the annual City of Omaha Budget hearing Tuesday evening. Fifteen OTOC leaders were present as Ian Fallon showed “before” and “after” pictures of a house in the 3000 block of Burt that had been a blight on the neighborhood for […]

  • Over 150 clergy and faith leaders sign statement supporting children fleeing violence

    OTOC leaders have drafted and begun circulating  a statement in support of children who are fleeing to our borders due to violence in their home countries. Now, in less than a week,  over 150 leaders including 90 clergy, women religious or heads of faith based organizations have signed the statement of support. OTOC will work […]