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OTOC News from March 2015

  • OTOC Leaders meet with 11 Senators asking for Medicaid Redesign

    On Thursday, March 19, nine  OTOC leaders joined leaders from other organizations for a Medicaid Redesign Lobby Day to ask Senators to support LB 472.  OTOC leaders had meaningful conversations with 11 members of the Unicameral: Sue Crawford – Dt. 45—Bellevue Ernie Chambers –Dt. 11—North Omaha Tanya Cook –Dt.13—North Omaha Jonie Craighead – Dt. 6—West […]

  • OTOC presents names of 175 Faith Leaders who are supporting LB 472 to the Unicameral

    OTOC Faith Leaders joined with Nebraska Appleseed to hold a press conference on March 17, 2015 at the Rotunda of the Capitol to present the names of 175 clergy, women religious and faith leaders who are asking the Unicameral to pass LB 472—Medicaid Redesign. The Faith Leaders then took the letter to the offices of […]

  • No Final Vote yet on Drivers License Bill, but Sen John McCollister names it a “priority bill”

    The Transportation Committee did not make a final vote on Thursday, March 12 whether to advance LB 623 which would allow qualifying young immigrants to apply for a drivers license.  Five of the eight members of the Committee must vote for LB 623 for it to advance to the “general file” where the whole Unicameral […]