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OTOC News from May 2015

  • Over 50 leaders from 22 organizations attend first summer training session

    On Monday, June 8th, fifty one  OTOC leaders and guests began a lively summer training program to focus some of the fundamental ideas and practices of organizing. Leaders from 22 different congregations and community organizations discussed concepts like “Self Interest”, the “Iron Rule” of organizing and reality that officials sometimes  “Do the right thing for […]

  • OTOC Action Teams have active Winter & Spring

    OTOC’s Action Teams have had a busy few months. Please share this report with people who might be interested in their ongoing efforts to make Omaha and Nebraska a community that works for all families. Final May 2015 Report about work of Action Teams OTOC leaders prepare to meet with Governor Ricketts on Mar 31 […]

  • OTOC Mental Health Action Team meets with Kim Foundation and Community Alliance

    Click on the link below for a copy of the Executive Summary of the Region 6 Mental Health Assessment: Executive Summary of Region 6 Assesment Report Leaders working on the OTOC Mental Health Action team had a full afternoon of meetings on May 14. In the early afternoon five leaders from OTOC and National Alliance […]

  • Over 180 Give to Institute for Public Leadership to support training for OTOC and community leaders

    Over 182 people contributed to IPL during the day, and over 110 people gave during the last 8 hours, helping IPL win one of only 15 participation awards given to  mid-sized organizations with the most donors!!! Together we raised over $23,000 so that IPL can continue our work providing leadership training to emerging leaders from […]

  • OTOC leaders rejoice at Unicameral vote to grant drivers licenses to Dreamers

    OTOC leaders were greatly cheered that the Nebraska Unicameral was able to clear last minute efforts to filibuster LB 623 which grants Dreamers who have been granted a temporary federal status the opportunity to apply for a Driver’s license in Nebraska.  According to Kathleen Grant, OTOC Immigration Action Team Chair, “It is high time that […]

  • Take Action on Monday May 4 on two bills that will affect the future of our Environment!!

    Support LB 423 to increase community based energy projects  LB 423 would provide a production tax credit for Community Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects. Passage of LB 423 has the potential to lead to the development of many community renewable energy projects in Nebraska. There are several community and wind and solar projects that are […]