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OTOC News from February 2016

  • 150 concerned Omahans participated in OTOC Issue Conference

    One hundred fifty people from 41 congregations and community organizations across Omaha participated in OTOC’s Issue Conference on Saturday, February 27 at First United Methodist. OTOC leaders prepared eight different workshops and 20 to 40 people attended each of the leader lead gatherings. All of the workshops invited those present to take “next steps” to […]

  • Resources and Handouts from OTOC Issues Conference

    Below  are the handouts and resources that OTOC and Community leaders provided to those who attended their workshops at the February 27 Issues Conference. If you have questions or want to know when the OTOC Action Teams are meeting to take action on these issues, contact the OTOC office at otocfornebraska@gmail.com or 402-344-4401.   9:40 […]

  • OTOC asks Omaha area Senators to Support LB 1032–Transitional Health Insurance Program

    OTOC leaders will travel to Lincoln on Wednesday, February 24th to meet with several Omaha area members of the Unicameral to educate them about why the Unicameral needs to pass LB 1032–Transitional Health Insurance Program– or come up with some other model to help 77,000 Nebraskans be able to purchase affordable health insurance. Please  join […]

  • OTOC leaders testify at Unicameral to support health insurance for working poor, professional and commercial licenses for immigrant youth and Solar Energy

    Several OTOC leaders traveled to Lincoln over the last two days to testify on behalf of OTOC in favor of bills that the OTOC Action Teams have studied end endorsed. LB 1023–Transitional Health Insurance Program Rev. Keith Nelson gave evocative testimony about why Nebraska should adopt LB 1023, the Transitional Health Insurance Program which would […]

  • OTOC February 27 Issues Conference features 8 Workshops on issues facing families

    Leaders of Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) will hold an Issues Conference on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon at First United Methodist Church. OTOC and Community leaders will lead eight interactive workshops that will focus on issues affecting Omaha families. Each workshop will end with practical Next Steps that we can […]