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OTOC News from August 2017

  • OTOC Leaders stand in solidarity as DACA program is threatened

    OTOC Leaders attended the Stand with DREAMers press conference in Lincoln on Tuesday. President Trump has cancelled the DACA program which now puts an expiration date on DACA recipients’ documentation, unless congress passes something like the Dream Act into legislation soon. OTOC stands with immigrant and refugee families. We offer our heartfelt support for so […]

  • OTOC leaders attend seminar with Glenn Loury, race and economics expert

    On August 15 and 16th, OTOC leaders Mark Hoeger and Karen McElroy and IPL Executive Director Joe Higgs joined community leaders from across the United States in Houston, Texas to discuss how to work across race and class lines in these polarized times. ¬†Karen, Mark and all of the eighty leaders and organizers present in […]

  • OTOC leaders learning to do Individual Relational meetings

    Fifty five OTOC and community leaders attended the final summer training session about organizing where Paul Turner taught about the most fundamental tool of organizing–the individual meeting. This¬† workshop focused on how engage others in individual meetings in order to develop effective public relationships. If you want to build strong working relationships with people, learn […]

  • OTOC leaders continue their work to reduce housing blight

    Five leaders of the OTOC Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Team testified Tuesday night in favor of $1.1 Million for demolition of condemned structures in the 2018 City Budget. They also issued two challenges to the Mayor and Council. In 2011, the City was spending only $240,000/year on demolition and had a backlog of 800 condemned […]