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Democracy is not a
spectator sport

  • Worked with a coalition to persuade the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) to convert the coal-fired units in North Omaha to natural gas and to include more renewable forms of energy in OPPD’s 20 year power generation plan
  • Challenged OPPD’s proposal for increasing the fixed monthly service charge from $10.25 to $35 per month because it causes low income/low use customer to pay more and high use customers to pay less for using the same amount of energy
  • Advocated for Unicameral bills regarding increased energy sustainability and climate change
  • Opposed NRD’s 2016 proposal for $100 million in bonds to build more dams in West Omaha
  • Holding candidate accountability sessions with OPPD Dist. 5 candidates


OTOC Agenda for Change:

  • Increase generation of energy from sustainable sources
  • Increase conservation efforts to reduce the waste of energy
  • Support environmental sustainability policies at local, state and federal levels


Contact:  Mary Ruth Stegman  (maryruth@cox.net)

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