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Democracy is not a
spectator sport

  • Persuaded the City Council to devote nearly $1 million per year to housing demolition for 3 years to begin clearing a large backlog of vacant, open, and vandalized properties
  • Worked with a coalition to convince City Council to establish an Omaha Land Bank to obtain abandoned and tax delinquent properties and put them back into productive use for re-development, community gardens, and recreation
  • Persuaded City Council to create a Vacant Property Registry so that owners of abandoned properties must pay a $500 registration fee every 3 months for their abandoned properties


OTOC Agenda for Change:

  • Continue to adopt ordinances which prevent deterioration of older housing and create incentives for repair and redevelopment of housing in older communities
  • Adopt a landlord registration ordinance to assure that landlords maintain their rental properties
  • Observe Omaha Land Bank board meetings and monitor for common good priorities


Contact: Gloria Austerberry  (glauster@yahoo.com) or  Karen McElroy (karenmumc@gmail.com)

Council Member Melton speaking

OTOC won commitment of 6 member of the next Omaha City Council to work with OTOC to improve the safety of all rental housing


Nov 17 Press Conference

OTOC Housing Team held press conference to support Vacant Property Registration Ordinance

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