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Democracy is not a
spectator sport

  • Worked with statewide coalition to restore prenatal care for all low income women, regardless of immigration status
  • Worked with a statewide coalition to persuade the Nebraska State Legislature to grant drivers licenses and professional and trade licenses to undocumented young immigrants who were brought to the US as children
  • Worked with Omaha Police Department and local ICE officials to reduce number of incarceration of immigrants for minor infractions and those awaiting deportation hearings

OTOC Agenda for Change:

  • Encourage a welcoming environment for immigrants and refugees by federal, state and local government
  • Advocate for comprehensive immigration reform
  • Develop immigrant and refugee community leaders

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Contact: Kathleen Grant (kathleen.grant2@hotmail.com)  or  Jeanne Schuler (jschuler@creighton.edu)

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