Predatory Lending

  • Organized clergy and community leaders to testify at the Unicameral’s Public Hearing on LB 194 to place reasonable limits on Pay Day Lending
  • Asked all candidates for Omaha City Council to work with us to limit, as much as possible, predatory lending in Omaha
  • Organizing house meetings in Central West Omaha to educate community members about the predatory lending and the need for reasonable limits.


OTOC Agenda for Change:

  • Continue educating the community about predatory lending
  • Continue advocating for fair and reasonable Pay Day Lending reform


To see testimony at the Unicameral of Pay Day Loan Borrowers, click these links: Melissa W | Elsa R | Richard B

Contact Pastor Scott Shreve ( )

Leaders Raising Issue of Pay Day Lending
OTOC leaders presenting about predatory lending at Candidate Accountability session