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OTOC testifies for LR 455 which is voted out of committee—Strategic Plan to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change

March 7th, 2016

Several members of the OTOC Environmental Action Team testified on Tuesday, March 8 at Noon in support for of LR 455   (Sen. Haar). The purpose of this Resolution is to “create a special committee to create a framework for a plan related to climate change.”

The plan would look at assessments of vulnerability, risks and economic impacts to our state. It would also develop strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change in Nebraska. The amended resolution calls for the special committee to be made up of the chairs of the Appropriations and Natural Resources Committees as well as 5 other members appointed by the Executive Committee. 

photo of leaders at delice

Members of OTOC Environmental Sustainability Team

The Unicameral will make a final vote on LR 455 in the coming weeks. Please stay alert for notice of when you need to contact your Senator to support this necessary study.

Exec Committee Members

For a copy of LR 455 and a one page outline, click on the link below:


Text of LR 455

Fr. Dennis, S.J. will  testify on behalf of OTOC about why the Unicameral must develop a plan to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change

Testimony in favor of LR 455 at executive Committee of the NE legislature


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