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Over 150 attend 8 workshops at OTOC Issues Conference

April 19th, 2014

On February 22nd, over 150 congregation and community leaders attended eight different workshops organized by teams of OTOC leaders on topics affecting Omaha families. The topics for the workshops emerged out of hundreds of individual meetings OTOC leaders held in 2013. Each of the interactive workshops at the Issues Conference identified current concerns of the participants and generated a group of people who are now doing research actions to find solutions to the issues they discussed that day. To learn more about the current focus and a contact person for each of these action teams, go to the Issues tab on the OTOC homepage. To find out when the action teams meet next, to the Calendar tab on the home page. The eight OTOC Action Teams are:

– Improving Public Education

– Mental Health

– “Death & Taxes” or Medicaid Expansion and State Tax Policy

– Environmental Sustainability

– Immigration Reform

– Housing Revitalization

– Workforce Development

– Refugee Support

Photos from OTOC Issues Conference

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