Democracy is not a
spectator sport

OTOC exists to recreate community in our fragmented society.  People are often disconnected and conversations about important issues are difficult.  OTOC seeks to reweave the frayed social fabric and connect people across the lines that tend to divide them:  race and ethnicity, economics, religion, geography and language.


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  • crowd with Jeanne

    Warm Energy at Feb. 12 Steering Committee Meeting

    crowd with Jeanne

    On Monday night, February 12, fifty people representing the OTOC Steering Committee packed the meeting room at First United Methodist Church.  Following the opening prayer and introductions of all attending, Convener, Cheri Cody, set the framework for the gathering.  She noted that the work that OTOC engages in used to be referred to as “the […]

  • Feb house meeting gloria's

    Pay Day Lending house meetings make a difference

    Feb house meeting gloria's

    Leaders from OTOC’s Predatory Lending Action Team have been leading house meetings about LB194, a Nebraska Unicameral Bill that would put some regulations on predatory pay day lending (see below for details about LB194). The house meetings are focused on Legislative District 8, where Senator Burk Harr was just appointed to the Banking committee for […]

  • news vigil

    Sign our online form to tell your representatives to protect Dreamers and TPS recipients!

    news vigil

    To sign an online petition telling your representatives to act NOW for recipients of TPS and Dreamers, please click this link: Online Petition On Monday January 8th, Homeland Security announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans will end on September 9th, 2019.  Over 200,000 Salvadorans and their families are now at risk, so it is […]

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