Democracy is not a
spectator sport

OTOC exists to recreate community in our fragmented society. People are often disconnected and conversations about important issues are difficult. OTOC seeks to reweave the frayed social fabric and connect people across the lines that tend to divide them: race and ethnicity, economics, religion, geography and language.

Latest News

  • OTOC asks faith leaders to sign on to support LB 472–over 90 have signed on so far

    Support Medicaid Redesign that will allow 50,000+ to purchase affordable health insurance We ask you, as a faith leader in our community, to sign a letter in support of the Medicaid Redesign Act (LB 472) that will allow low income, working Nebraskans to purchase affordable health insurance. The Health and Human Services will consider this […]

  • OTOC Death & Taxes Team Seeks support for LB 472–Medicaid Redesign Act

    The Health and Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday, Feb 25 at 1:30 p.m on LB 472, the Medicaid Redesign Act.  This bill would: Create the opportunity for over 50,000 low income working Nebraskans to purchase health insurance that is currently not affordable to them; Bring more than $1.8 billion of our […]